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Why I Love Toronto

Why I Love Toronto

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    • A Dream Boutique

      I really love this vendors selection of greeting cards for they are very decently priced and are clean and simple in their design. My personal favourite is the card with a camera on it that reads “Believe in your #selfie.” The collection also features cupcake toppers, invitations, banners, gift tags and more.  

      | @adreamboutique ( & )

      Handsome and Lace

      It seems that every market you go to there is a new men’s neckwear/ pocket square designer. I think at the last Midnight Mrkt I attended, th ere were at least three people selling bowties, ties and pocket squares. Up until now I have been a big supporter of Just Sultan, Precious Pocket and The Common-Folk. Now I am adding Handsome and Lace to that list.

      Yes, she does bowties, ties and pocket squares with cool patterns that are reversible, but what really caught my attention were her tie necklaces. It is a very simple concept that I have honestly never seen before. These mini-ties are simply attached to a chain and are meant to be worn as a necklace (see below). I was so intrigued and in love with them that I bought the maroon polka dot one because I truly think it is a statement piece that will start conversation. I really find this to be a unique spin on the tie and something that not only caters to men, but women as well.      

      h | (Instagram) | (Twitter)

      Kiriki Press

      DIY is a trend that doesn’t look like it will die anytime soon. From home renovations, bike repairs to knitting there is something fulfilling about doing it yourself. Kiriki Press is a brand that empowers its clientele with its handcrafted embroidery kits, which can be done by first timers or seasoned veterans.

      What I love is the end result of this brands product – which is something more than being just adorable. On the website it says you “create beautiful, heirloom-quality dolls…” I like that word heirloom, because it truly illustrates what I love about shop local products – they are built to last with quality materials that support local industry.  

      | @kirikipress ( & )

      Lee Meszaros

      A tribute the Brownie sash, this brand sells badges. I was never a Sco ut, but I did watch Disney Pixar’s Up! so I know you earned badges for tasks you completed. Lee Meszaros kind of follows that tradition, but with badges that are awarded based on your personality and characteristics.  For example in her “Wilderness Collection” she has a “Being a Happy Camper” Badge which I would give to Connor, because he truly loves camping; For my sister I would give her the “Leaving the Nest” Badge as she flew all the way to England; Sook-Ling would get “Being Innocent as a Lamb” because the only thing that girl ever got in trouble/ ticketed for was eating a sandwich on the Hong Kong subway system; my mom would get “Being a Busy Beaver,” because she works her ass-off and when I find that special someone they’ll get the “Apple of my Eye” badge.  She has a badge collection for possessions, wilderness, food, animals or winged-ones, meaning there is a badge to be bestow ed on everyone you know.

      Little Bellwoods

      I told the owner of Little Bellwoods that her brand couldn’t get any cuter – and that was the truth. I look at her toys and remind myself of Ronald, my Cabbage Patch friend, who was my loyal companion when my parents were away or my protector when the boogieman threatened my dreams.  I look at these toys with their adorable faces and just think to myself that one of these toys will become some kid’s companion, protector, safety blanket and/or friend. That really warms my heart to think of that and it is those thoughts t hat reignite my interest in having children.

      Anyways, Little Bellwoods has so many cute toys from sleeping skunks, birds with sailor hats and the iconic/ infamous Trinity Bellwoods White Squirrel.

      | @littlebellwoods (& )

      Thorn & Needle

      I hate plants. I find their thirst for water super annoying. One tim e at the office our old Office Manager left me in charge to water the plants while she went off on vacation and by the time she came back, most of them were in the process of dying or dead. I can’t even keep my mom’s cacti alive, which will be a shock to them when they return from 5 months out west.

      I digress. Thorn & Needle offers the plant that never dies. The concept is of a small knitted cactus plant. I really love this because at first glance from afar they look like real cacti, however once you get a bit closer you start to see the intricate knits made by the creator.  Furthermore, according to his Instagram, the Etsy Made in Canada Show this past weekend was his first craft show! He seemed like a pro though!

      | (Instagram)

    • Why I Love Oddseoul
Ariel and I decided to have a night out last Friday. Our original plan was to go to The Lockhart, the new Harry Potter themed bar at Dundas and Dufferin, but when we arrived there was a 2 hour wait to get in and let me tell you I...
  • Why I Love Oddseoul

    Ariel and I decided to have a night out last Friday. Our original plan was to go to The Lockhart, the new Harry Potter themed bar at Dundas and Dufferin, but when we arrived there was a 2 hour wait to get in and let me tell you I needed to get my drink on ASAP.

    Since The Lockhart was out of the question, Ariel and I decided to go to for little hop around to see what was happening in the area. We hit a bar on Dundas that was not blog worthy and other than the fun arcade game, not very memorable either.  After that bar we decided to look for some food and eventually ended up on Ossington in front of place called Oddseoul.

    This Korean-American-styled snack bar has a kitchen that is open late. Ariel and I got to the venue at around 12:30am and when we left an hour later people were still coming in for food and that final pint.


    Ariel had the night special which was something with glass noodles, her favourite, for $14. This was not very snack-bar like as the serving was very large.  However, she didn’t complain and other than her being polite and offering me a taste, see the picture below, she devoured it.  

    I had no intention of ordering food, but the hostess put us right next to the kitchen and I just had to.  I had the Squash Poutine, which wasn’t the regular 1am poutine I usually get after a night of drinking, but it still hit the spot. An explosion of everything Asian-fusion the dish had kimchi cabbage, curds, vegetarian gravy, scallions, mayonnaise and hunks of buttercup under Japanese Curry. Look at the photo below to see how amazing it was.

    There were some other great dishes that I saw come out of the kitchen including the Steamed Bun, Buffalo Fried Tofu and Tempura Prawns.  


    A very distinctive thing is the American/ Korean flag at the back, which fuses both nations together. The flag is a representation of the owner’s American upbringing and Korean heritage. They also had a bear head on the wall and apparently boom boxes at the front which I did not notice.  If you head to the bathroom, downstairs, you’ll notice a little game room with darts and foozeball.  

    The End

    In the end, I loved Oddseoul. Yes it reminded me a bit of , which is northwest of this venue, but they were different and stood out in their own respects. The one complaint I did have was that the air vent above me was dripping the whole time that by the time I left my back was soaked. Other than that, it was a cozy little venue which is perfect for date night or that late night eat.  

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    • Food photos by me

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